Network Troubleshooting

Today let’s dive into some network troubleshooting. We’ll start with determining your IP address. there are a few commands that one can use for gathering their network information.

#ip addr
#ip a
#ip address show 
#ip a s

All of these produce the same output.  here is another tool, the ifconfig command. It’s slowly being phased out  IP command.


The ping command is often used to test Internet connectivity. Ping will send one or more ICMP packets to a host. Be aware that ping will continue sending packets until the user stops it. To halt the ICMP packets simply press ctrl+c or use the “-c” option. the “-c” stands for count, so the program will only send a specified amount of packets. One should be aware that sites like Google and Facebook use firewalls to disregard ICMP packets that users

ping commands:

#ping <ipaddress>
#ping <option> <ipaddress>

  • #ping -c5 

    • a total of 5 ICMP packets will be sent
  • #ping -s 10 <ipaddress>

    • -s will specify the number of bytes sent
  • #ping -i eth0 <ipaddress>

    • -i option will allow the user to specify an interface

For more information about ping, you can either use the –help option or visit the man page. 

Traceroute is a command that shows you what “path” the packets have taken.
traceroute can be blocked by a router. These are often referred to as a hop indicated by an asterisk.

#traceroute <ip address>
#traceroute <option> <ip address>

A few of the many options you can use with traceroute. As usual, for more information use –help after traceroute or visit the man page.

  • -4 or-6 specify either only IPv4 or IPv6 based addresses
  • -i specifies an interface
  • -m will allow the user to adjust the maximum amount of ttl or hops
  • -q will set the number of probe packets per hop

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