CentOS is one of the younger distros out there but is widely used in large-scale environments, enterprise networking environments and on some workstations. CentOS itself is an acronym that stands for Community Enterprise Operating System, which has a governing board.


CentOS is widely used because of how stable the operating system is. When creating the operating system, the team took a different approach which is to only use stable software. So, if you are looking for to use the latest modern software, it’s very likely this Linux distro won’t have it… Which means this distro isn’t for you. Which brings me to my next point. CentOS comes with a total of ten years for support.  Seven years for general support, and after that, the operating system will receive 3 years for critical security fixes.  All major milestones, being 6.x to 7.x  may include new features, but that is very unlikely. Since new and edgy features are not always stable and robust.

For those who do not know, CentOS is based off the source code from RHEL (or Red Hat Enterprise Linux.) Just like RHEL, CentOS uses yum as its package manager and is an RMP based distro. It also uses systemd and implements SELinux. And like all major distros, it is available in many different configurations like minimal iso to an everything iso.

Above all, the main goal of CentOS is to provide a stable, reliable and robust enterprise operating system. Keep in mind that it is very close to RHEL, one of the major differences is that you do not pay for the support like RHEl.  More information can be found on their wiki page,

Go ahead and make the switch from Windows to Linux. Just remember that the best way to actually get ahead in Linux is to dive right in. Make sure you understand that not all the applications in RHEL will be available for CentOS. Which means, that they will likely be third-party, but stable and open source.

In the long run, CentOS is perfect for enterprise environments and should be considered when you need a reliable operating system.


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