Configuring your ESXi Server | IP address and Hostname

After you have downloaded and installed VMware’s ESXi, you will need to configure the Hostname and maybe the IP address…

First, you will need to log in. By default, the main/admin account is “root”.


Below, you will see “System Customization”… In this menu, you can make all the adjustments you need. By default, your ESXi host server will say “Hostname: localhost” and display an IP address that is pulled from DHCP. We’re going to configure the hostname and change the IP address to a static IP address.

Make sure the black highlight bar is hovering over “Configure Management Network”  and press “Enter”



You will be taken to this menu. Where you can edit the IP information.

Follow the on screen instructions to select the options. Here you will need to set the IP address, Subnet, and the Gateway device. Once done, press enter.


Next, you will be asked, apply the changes. Type “Yes” to confirm the changes, or “No” if you don’t want to.


Next, we will edit the Hostname of your machine.  Under the same menu, “Configure Management Network, you will need to select “DNS Configuration”. From there you can setup the primary DNS server,  alternate DNS server, and the Hostname.


Once you have completed the same setups to save the new configurations. Go back to “System Customization” and verify that all changes have taken effect.


If you havent installed ESXi on your server, follow these instructions:


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