HTOP Commands



Top Left Box: Displays, in real time, graph of your hardware resources.
Top Right Box: Displays the Tasks, average load, and the uptime
Bottom Box:  Displays the processes ID, , the user account, how many resources it is consuming (CPU/MEM), how long its been running and where it can be located.

  • PID: The process ID.
  • USER: The username of the process owner or the user ID if the name can’t be determined.
  • PRI: The kernels internal priority for the process, usually just its NI value plus twenty. Different for real-time processes.
  • NI: The nice value of a process, from 19 (low priority) to -20 (high priority).
  • VIRT: Size in memory of the total program size.
  • RES: The resident set size, i.e. the size of the text and data sections, plus stack usage.
  • SHR: The size of the process’s shared pages.
  • S: The state of the process.
    • S: for sleeping or idle
    • R: for running
    • D: for disk sleep, uninterruptible
    • Z: for zombie, waiting for parent to read its exit status
    • T: for traced or suspended
    • W: for paging
  • CPU%: The percentage of the CPU time that the process is currently using.
  • MEM%: The percentage of memory the process is currently using
  • TIME+: The time, measured in clock ticks that the process has spent in user and system time
  • Command: Full path of the command.

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