Synology NAS not syncing?


In some cases, my Synology device will stop syncing with my AD server or my Domain. If this happens, its most likely because the server has fall out of sync or its just being moody. Either way, here is a quick fix that has never let me down.

Verifying NTP is synchronized

On occasion, the device will fall out of synchronization on a network. This is most likely due to connectivity issues or some other network related issue. It could also be that the NTP service was disabled or just never enabled.

Lets check to see if your device is in the proper time zone and if the NTP service is enabled.

  • Log into the synology device and open control panel.
  • Once in the control panel, look for regional options
  • There you will see multiple tabs “Time” “Language” and “NTP Service
    • Under Time, verify that your device is in the proper time zone and it has the correct current time (See Below)
    • Obviously, you go to the “NTP Service” tab to see if NTP is enabled. If it isn’t, enabled that.
    • After you have enabled the NTP Service, go back to time and check to see what your Synology device is syncing with. Default is usually but there are other options.

Clearing the SMB Cache

In some cases clearing the SMB Cache can resolve the issue. It will remove the following files below.

  • Log into your synology NAS
  • Open Control Panel and navigate to file services
  • SMB will be under the first tab labeled “SMB/AFP/NFS”
  • Click on the advanced settings

Once in advanced settings, scroll to the bottom.

Click the “Clear SMB Cache.” After being clicked, a warning message will appear. “Network Service will restart when these settings are applied. Are you sure you want to continue?”  Go ahead and press yes.

There is one more method, but its for extreme cases. You could remove the device from the domain and then re-add it… Provided you know your AD servers information.

  • Login and go straight to the control panel.
  • There you will see Domain/LDAP
  • Uncheck the “Join Domain” box.
  • Wait a bit, the server will disconnect from the domain. Once the NAS has been removed, go ahead and check mark the box for “Join Domain”
  • This will force the Synology NAS to join the domain and update all its information.

When using this method, please make sure that all of your information is correct. Do not do this unless you know what you are doing and have admin rights to add the server back to the domain.



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