2020 iPad benchmark results

With the 2020 iPads starting to ship, it seems that one lucky customer’s iPad arrived much earlier than expected. The reddit user, Zindexed, took the opportunity to run some Geekbench testing on the 2020 iPad Pro.

According to the results it scored:

  • Single-Core: 1114 (2018 iPad Pro’s Single-Core: 1111)
  • Multi-Core: 4654 (2018 iPad Pro’s Multi-Core: 4604)
  • 9894 Metal Score (2018 iPad Pro’s Metal: 9146)

The Geekbench score clearly show that the A12Z’s performance isn’t all that different from the 2018 iPad pro’s A12x processor. Well, except that the GPU now comes with 8-cores and not 7-cores like the 2018 model. That extra core provides the score increase from last years model. We should keep in mind that these cores may not represent real world performance, as Geekbench may not be optimized for iOS 13.4.

Check out the reddit post here


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