The End of S Voice

Well, well, well, Samsung Announced on Apr 01, 2020, that it will finally be killing off its S Voice Service. S Voice is or instead was a virtual personal assistant. The idea was you could use voice commands for functions. It started by saying, “Hi Galaxy,” and then following up with a command like telling the time, weather updates, checking your schedule, adding events to your calendar, and other things. 

S Voice was Samsungs first attempt at voice assistant but never achieved the same popularity as Siri or Google Assistant. Of course, this is well known, Samsung’s S Voice was buggy and slow. Using it was unbearable at best. 

Samsung eventually released Bixby, which is their second attempt at a voice assistant. Some of S Voices’ shortcomings were its inability to hold a conversation like Siri and Google Assistant. Which Bixby can do, but if you have ever used Bixby, it still needs work. I will admit, while it’s years behind both Google Assistant and Siri, its a big step in the right direction.

The termination date is set for June 1st, 2020, which can be found in their Announcement Letter


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