Apple acquires Dark Sky

Earlier today, Dark sky announced that it had joined Apple. Dark Sky is a popular weather app for both iOS and Android users. After the announcement, Dark Sky said it would discontinue its android app, and several other services will shut down as well. Dark sky’s blog notified users with an update stating that the “Service to […]

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watchOS 6.2 update

watchOS to 6.2 was release along side iOS and iPadOS 13.4. Although it comes with plenty of bug fixes, Apple finally added support for in-app purchases in Watch apps. Apple also brings the ECG app to three new countries: Chile, New Zealand, and Turkey. Along with support for irregular heart rhythm notifications. ECG application allows […]

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2020 iPad benchmark results

With the 2020 iPads starting to ship, it seems that one lucky customer’s iPad arrived much earlier than expected. The reddit user, Zindexed, took the opportunity to run some Geekbench testing on the 2020 iPad Pro. According to the results it scored: Single-Core: 1114 (2018 iPad Pro’s Single-Core: 1111) Multi-Core: 4654 (2018 iPad Pro’s Multi-Core: […]

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Building your Atlassian APP server.

We’ll assume that your server is ready to have the software deployed on it.  yum y install wget epel-release cd /tmp | wget  Afer the file has been downloaded, well need to make sure we can execute the file too.  chmod +x atlassian-confluence-6.14.1-x64.bin ll This next part is critical so do not skip it. You need […]

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