Last time, we spoke about the top command and what it is used for. Below are a few shortcuts that you can use in line 6. Enjoy!


l – Display or hide load average line
t –Display or hide task/cpu line
1 –Display or hide all other CPU’s
m –Display or hide RAM, and SWAP details
s – Change the time interval for updating top results (Results are in seconds)
R – Sort by PID number
u — Press u then username to get only that user process details
P –Sort by CPU utilization
M –Sort by RAM utilization
c –Display or hide command full path
r –Renice a process, press r then the PID number then the renice value to renice a process
Renice alters the scheduling priority of one or more running processes”
k –Kill a process, press k then PID number then enter to kill a process
w –Save the modified configuration permanently.
q –Quit the top command.
h –For help with top


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